Sørensen bags – combining modest design with smart solutions.

We believe in creativity, functionality and quality, in a clean and modest design.

Our first bag was the convertible bag, which can be used both as a backpack and a duffel bag.

Sørensen originates from Christianshavn in Copenhagen, Denmark.

A convertible bag…. What is that actually?
A convertible bag is a bag that you can convert from one type to another. This means that you can use it for multiple purposes. You can use it to go to the gym in the morning, then convert it into a backpack and use it for the office during the day, and convert it back to a duffel bag for a weekend trip to Paris or London.

Convertible bags come in different models, sizes, colours and designs – and can be converted in different ways. Some can be converted from a bumbag to a backpack, some from a messenger bag to a backpack and some from a backpack to a duffel bag. Some convertible bags are hard case and some are softshell.

Sørensen convertible bags can be converted from a duffel bag to a backpack – or the other way around.

Sørensen convertible bag animation - showing the convertion from duffle bag onto a backpack
Besides Sørensen bags being convertible, what else is special about them?
A Sørensen bag comes with two genuine leather handles – making it easy to pick up whether you are using it as a duffel bag or a backpack. Being leather, the handles will change colour over time, giving it a distinctive and timeless feeling – and, just like a good bottle of wine, the Sørensen bag will just keep improving.

The Sørensen bag is big enough for a 15” laptop, making it perfect to take to work.
Sørensen convertible bag fits to a 15 inch laptop

It is water-resistant, so you do not have to worry when it starts to rain and you are cycling home.
Sørensen convertible bags are water resistant

Finally, the Sørensen bag even comes with a removable seat pad – ideal for when you are in the park and do not want to sit on the grass.
Sørensen convertible bags have a removable seat pad

Here you can see the top handle, which makes the bag easy to lift when using it as a backpack.
Sørensen convertible top handle , making it easy to grab
And here you can see the handle in the middle of the bag in action, making it easy to lift when used as a duffel bag.
Sørensen convertible bag fits to a 15 inch laptop
Why should I buy a Sørensen bag?
Do you have days when you have a tight meeting schedule at work, you want to hit the gym after work, and then you are meeting a friend for dinner and taking a bottle of wine to share? These are the days when the Sørensen bag is your best friend.

In the Sørensen bag, you can carry your laptop and documents for work – you simply put these in the inner pocket. In the main compartment, you put all your gym clothes, your shoes and towel. And right next to this you put the bottle of wine for dinner with your friend.

You are then ready for the day, carrying all your essentials in one Sørensen bag in a practical yet stylish way.

Who will benefit from having a Sørensen bag?
Anyone with an active yet stylish way of life. Not only does the Sørensen bag help you in a practical way –you can use it both as a backpack and a duffel back, and will never again have to carry two bags at once – it will also make you the stylish person in the office, the Mads Mikkelsen at the espresso bar, the David Beckham in the gym and the Daniel Craig on the weekend trip… At least that’s what we think :)

Can I use the Sørensen bag as carry-on luggage on airplanes?

Yes, you can! Not only does the Sørensen bag help you on weekdays, it is also perfect for a short weekend trip to Paris, Berlin, London or Barcelona. The spacious 31.5 litre main compartment makes it easy for you to put all your weekend essentials in the bag. And the Sørensen bag still goes as carry-on luggage, so you do not have to check in the bag – saving you a lot of time.

Has the Sørensen bags been tested and approved by people with an active lifestyle?
It certainly has! Before putting Sørensen bags on the market, we have tested the bags for more than six months to make them as durable, practical and yet as stylish as possible. The bags have been tested by urban people who we thought had the exact active and stylish lifestyle that we have made the bags for.

Can I buy a Sørensen bag directly through the Sørensen website?

Yes you can! You can get hold of your very own Sørensen bag by ordering on this website. However, at the moment we only ship to most of the EU countries and to the USA, although we are working on expanding to other countries. If you live in another country, you will therefore need a little patience – at the moment it does not make sense to send bags to other countries, because the freight costs are too high.

I’d like to order a large quantity of Sørensen bags – can I get a discount?
If you want to buy more than ten bags, please contact us so that we can talk about terms and discounts.

Where do you ship from?
Sørensen ships from a warehouse in Denmark which is located just 20 km south of Copenhagen.

What are Sørensen’s terms and conditions?
When buying a Sørensen bag through the website, our terms and conditions apply. Please read them by clicking right here.

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Sørensen originates from Christianshavn in Copenhagen, Denmark.

We believe in creativity, functionality and quality, in a clean and modest design.


Hi there!

I am Rasmus Sørensen from Copenhagen. After graduating from university, I started working with various Danish design companies. Besides becoming engrossed in the art of design, I started travelling and exploring the world. Travelling, sports and design are my three major passions that keep me on my toes and updated about everything in life.

I would like to tell you a little story about how I got into my current work. Some time ago while I was travelling, I realised how difficult it was to find the perfect bag for all occasions: the daily cycle to the Copenhagen office, the gym in the afternoon and the weekend trip away. All I wanted was a bag that I could use for all these activities while still looking sharp. That’s how I came up with the idea of launching my own bag company.

A bag for me is not just the little thing that helps you carry your essentials. It is an expression of your personality.

Whether you’re a long-time Sørensen fan or a first-time visitor, I would love to hear from you. You can shoot me an email at info ( at ) soerensencph.com, or hit me up on Instagram or Facebook. Seriously, just write to me if you have a question.

And most importantly, thanks.

Cheers, Rasmus Sørensen

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