Male Model StandingABOUT SØRENSEN

Sørensen is a Danish brand established in 2016. Sørensen believes in creativity, functionality and quality, all in a clean and modest design.


Sørensen originates from Christianshavn in Copenhagen, Denmark. The brand was established in 2016 by Rasmus Sørensen, who had found it difficult to find a bag that could be used for more than one type of occasion. He therefore designed the Convertible Sørensen Bag, which can be used both as a duffel bag and a backpack.

Since launching that first bag, a larger duffel bag has been added to the Sørensen collection, and there will be more new bags in the future.

Today, Sørensen bags can be bought in many shops around Denmark, including the well-known NEYE shops.


Sørensen is a 100 per cent Copenhagen brand. We will always follow Danish minimalistic design traditions.

However, we are also inspired by visiting new places. We believe that it is important to explore and to experience other ways of living life.